Hat cleaning – 7 easy steps to follow!

Why is hat cleaning necessary?

hat cleaning

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Have you ever been told that you have a stain or smear around your hat? Have you ever noticed that unique smell from your hat but kept wearing it anyway? Have the sweat accumulated during the summer caused bad odor to develop around your head?

In today’s fashionable world, shoes and hats come with a price. The dilemma is how to keep them in the original form? In order to maintain their shape and color, one must be crafty enough not to let anything happen to your valued accessory. After all it’s an item that you’ve spent money on, isn’t it?

Nowadays it seems that a lot of people tend to forget this fact as they take a walk around the town with wet shoes or hats. Many people do not clean their hats regularly. This can lead to smelly hats, loss of color, and even harder spots that can occur if left for too long. Dermatologists say that if you don’t maintain your hat then it may cause skin problems later on, so it is very essential to keep them clean from time to time.

Hat cleaning: how often should you do it?

When was the last time you cleaned your hat? It’s a pretty simple question, but do you really take the time to look at where other people keep their things? Maybe you should take a look and see what others think your signature piece of clothing looks like and how often they clean it. If you’re like the average person, the answer is probably not very often. The average person’s hat will go long periods of time without cleaning.

Proper care should be taken to ensure that your hard-earned fashion style is being protected from dust, moisture, mold or mildew.

Guide to cleaning hats

Do you know what is the best way to clean your hat? It depends on what type of hat it is, how old the hat is (yes, age does matter), the material your hat is made of, and the level of dirtiness. We will be showing one of the basic way to clean hats – by hand washing it!

Hat cleaning by hand

Cleaning a hat by hand is generally the most effective way to clean your hat, even if the label says it’s safe to put in the washing machine. The types of hats best suited for hand washing include baseball caps, wool hats and hand-knit hats.

1. Fill a Small Bowl or Your Kitchen Sink With Cold Water

Don’t use warm or hot water as this could cause the color to run when cleaning hats. If you have more than one hat to wash, better to be safe than sorry and wash them one at a time.

2. Add a Mild Detergent to the Water

If your hat is really dirty, you might think about adding lots of detergent for the hat cleaning. Instead, stir in a teaspoon of laundry detergent or dish soap until it’s dissolved. Make sure you use a mild detergent or soap without bleach. (Once again, make sure to read labels.) If you have a wool hat, it would be best to use a soap specific for that fabric, such as Woolite.

3. Do a Pretreatment Test

Before proceeding to the hat cleaning, submerge the whole hat in the cool water, soak a small and inconspicuous part of it for a couple minutes. Check to see if the color bleeds. If you don’t see any dye swirling in the water, that doesn’t necessarily mean the color isn’t running.

Try dabbing the hat on a napkin to see if any color comes off. If you don’t notice any color coming off, move onto the next step. If you do see some discoloration, opt for spot cleaning instead.

4. Scrub Stained Spots First

Give attention to soiled areas of the hat. This most often includes the sweatband of your hat where body oils, makeup, and sweat stains can accumulate over time. You can either apply the same soap from the bowl or a non-bleach stain remover on the soiled areas with a soft-bristled brush (a toothbrush would work) and allow it to set for at least 15 minutes before hand washing.

5. Submerge Hat to Soak

Once you’ve determined your hat is not discoloring or showing any other signs of damage, you can soak the entire hat in the bowl or sink. If your hat just needs to freshen up, a 30-minute soak should do the trick. If there is more serious dirt or grime on the hat, you may need to soak it for a few hours.

6. Rinse the Hat

Remove the hat from the soapy water and rinse it under a faucet of cold running water to wash off all the detergent. Hold it between your hands and gently squeeze to remove the excess moisture. Place the hat on a clean towel and pat it down until there is no more water dripping. Do not wring or twist your hat, as this could ruin your hat’s shape or cause unwanted pilling.

7. Air Dry the Hat

Lay the hat right side up (in its original shape) on a towel in a well-ventilated area. Do not place the hat outside in direct sunlight as this could fade your hat. Do not use a blow dryer as the heat can cause your hat to shrink.

How Shoe Mo can help?

Hat cleaning is a hat essential and there can be no compromise on its quality. Shoe Mo’s hat cleaning services comes with experienced professionals and expertise in hat care. Now we extend our reach to you for all your hats’ washing needs. We clean wool, cotton, fur and even leather hats (leather hats need special instructions). We pay great attention to make sure the hat gets dry naturally to retain its shape and color after each wash session. Each hat is washed using two processes – Hydraulic machine wash followed by manual brushing allowing natural drying in open air or with iron.

As a shopper, you’ll love our hat cleaning service for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you’ve ever purchased a new hat and wanted to look its best. If so, we can take off all the stains it collected in shipping or from the warehouse shelf without damaging the felt inside. Or perhaps your old hats could stand to be freshened up or repaired?

Regardless of what you need on any given day, we aim to please customers with great craftsmanship. Shoe Mo takes the hassle out of cleaning your headgear and deliver our customers exactly what they need.

ShoeMo provides professional hat cleaning services to businesses, locations and families. We provide on-site service 7 days a week, so your beloved hats are kept in pristine condition all the time. Book your appointment today on our website or contact us through Whatsapp at +673 7373 123 for any enquiries.


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