Leather products: Things you must know!

Why should leather products be properly taken care of?

Leather is one of those things that can last quite a long time, if taken care of properly. Dulling and scratching are the biggest enemies to leather as it will deteriorate quicker than you think possible. If your leather is not treated after purchase it can begin to crack.

Optimal care is given to our products throughout the manufacturing process, but it’s up to you to properly maintain your leather. Don’t take chances with improper care! Protect your investment and treat those leather goods now.

Leather products are made out of animal skin that is tanned, processed, hardener applied to make it strong and preserved for protection against harsh climate. A weak leather product tends not to last for lifetime unlike strong ones which can withstand wear and tear. Any abnormal damages or defects on skin weaken the quality of the product you are producing. It seems like most customers who bought Leather Shoes ended up wearing them more than expected on bad condition also caused more damage than usual.

Leather products has of the most natural and versatile materials in the world. It’s got the potential to last for years, looks great when done right, and offers a wealth of benefits – from protection, to style, to comfort, and more.

Like anything you wear or use, leather items are going to get dirty over time. But worry not – we have prepared a guide to cleaning leather products will help you remove dirt and other pollutants that accumulate over time.

Leather products


The simplest way to clean leather products

  1. Begin by using a lint roller to remove as much dirt and grime as you can. Sometimes, the dirt isn’t clinging to your leather and will brush away with ease. If you find that there is still dirt or grime stuck to your leather, the next step would be taking a bar of soap to it.
  2. Work up a bit of a lather with the soap and water, then rub it directly onto the leather using a circular motion. Take extra care around the stitching of the leather because if there is any excess moisture around this area it could cause your stitching to loosen or come undone. Remember to dab any excess moisture with a cloth. You should be able to see the filth break up and start to come off the surface of your leather.
  3. Use a damp cloth to wipe away soap and grime. Soaking the leather can damage the seams or upper, and you should avoid getting it too wet if possible.
  4. Allow the leather to dry flat on a surface with good air circulation. Do not apply heat and do not leave it out in the sun, as this can shrink and crack the leather in the process. It may take a while, but your leather should dry on its own. You can further protect your leather by applying moisturizer or leather conditioner, depending on the type of leather you have, to the surface once it is completely dry.

How to clean mold from leather | 3 Easy Steps

  1. Start by removing as many loose mold particles as possible. To do this, you will need a bristled brush and a vacuum cleaner. Depending on the amount of mold present on your item, you may only need to use one. Start by gently scrubbing the brush along the surface of the leather.
  2. Once you’ve thoroughly prepped your leather, it’s time to add a gentle cleaning agent such as a mild soap. This safe leather cleaner may be dish soap or laundry detergent that is free of all additives like bleaching agents, fragrances, or dyes.
  3. For unfinished leather, clean using saddle soap instead. After you have safely removed all of the mold from the leather item, apply a leather conditioner to protect it. Let the unfinished leather piece air dry. However, keep it out of direct sunlight to prevent fading and discoloring the leather. Now you are ready to move onto a spot treatment and handle those challenging mold and mildew stains.

One of the best solutions to remove mold from leather is using white vinegar. Vinegar is a highly effective disinfectant and cleaning agent known to kill most kinds of fungi, including black mold. While the odor of this cleaner may not be the most pleasant at first, it will remove the musty smell often associated with mold, as well.

How to clean white leather products

Whether you want to know how to clean a white leather couch, a purse, shoes or jacket, it should be cleaned regularly to help keep it stain-free and conditioned to prevent cracking. Depending on how often it is used, wipe the leather down regularly with a dry microfiber cloth. This will remove smudges and light soil. Spills and stains should be treated as soon as they happen to minimize staining.

leather product sofa

1. Create the cleaning solution

You can purchase commercial leather soaps or cleaners, but it is very simple to make your own. Mix your cleaning solution in a spray bottle and be sure to label it clearly. Choose one of these formulas:

  • Castile soap and water: One part soap with eight parts water.
  • Vinegar and oil: Two parts distilled white vinegar and one part linseed or olive oil.

2. Wipe leather product with a damp cloth

Dampen a microfiber cloth with plain water and wipe down the white leather. This will remove dust and some surface soil.

3. Spray the cleaning solution on a cloth

Rather than spraying directly onto the leather, spray the cleaning solution onto a clean microfiber cloth. This will prevent over-wetting and possible watermarks.

4. Wipe Down the Leather

Starting at the top of a piece and working in a small section at a time, wipe down the leather with the cloth sprayed with the cleaning solution. Use a gentle, circular motion. Do not scrub! If soil remains, use a bit more cleaning solution.

5. Buff the Leather

Once the white leather is clean, use a dry microfiber cloth to gently buff the leather. There is no need to rinse away the cleaning solution.

How to Clean Leather Strap

1. Remove the strap

Remove the strap from the watch before cleaning it. This helps protect the watch case and dial.

2. Wipe the leather with a dry cloth

Before getting any liquids involved, wipe down the strap with a dry cloth. This gently removes any grainy dirt or debris that has collected on the strap that could potentially scratch the surface of the leather during more intensive cleaning. Choose a soft cloth – microfiber or jewelry polishing cloth are your best bets.

3. Wash the leather with soap

The next step is to clean the strap more thoroughly with soap. A gentle soap is best, as stripping formulas found in harsher soaps can dry out the leather. Dampen a separate microfiber or jewelry cloth and apply a small amount of the soap to it. The cloth should be damp, but not sopping wet, to avoid causing water damage to the leather.

Gently rub the inside and outside of the leather band with the damp cloth, using small circular motions across the material.

4. Remove soap residue

After cleaning the strap, rinse the cloth under running water until all of the soap is gone. Squeeze out any excess water from the cloth. Then lightly wipe the leather strap with the clean damp cloth to remove all soap residue from the band.

5. Let band dry

Once the soap is removed, let the strap air-dry. Do not put the strap in direct sunlight or use a hair dryer to dry the strap.

6. Use leather conditioner

Once your strap has dried, apply the number of drops of leather conditioner specified on the package to a clean cloth. Gently rub the leather strap with the cloth and let it dry. Be sure the conditioner you use is for jewelry, watches, clothing or accessories: leather conditioner for furniture and industrial items will likely be too harsh for contact with your skin.

How often should you clean your leather strap?

If you’re looking for a routine to clean a leather strap that you use often, a good recommendation is to clean the strap once every other week. Follow the steps above to clean your strap, except for the conditioner step. Leather conditioner is meant for occasional use; check the conditioner package for details.

If you live in hot or humid climates, you may want to consider wiping down your leather watch strap more often due to perspiration. Similarly, leather bands may require more frequent cleaning during the summer months.

3 ways on how to clean your leather wallet

1. Deep Cleaning Your Wallet with Saddle Soap

  1. Wipe the leather with a wet cloth first.
  2. Rub a small amount of saddle soap onto the cloth.
  3. Clean your wallet along the grain.
  4. Clean deep stains with a cotton swab in a circular motion.
  5. Wrap the wallet in a dry towel and leave it for 10 hours.

2. Using a Leather Cleaner

  1. Spray a commercial leather cleaner onto the wallet.
  2. Scrub the wallet leather with a stiff-bristled toothbrush in circles.
  3. Clean inside your wallet with a cloth and leather cleaner.
  4. Wipe the cleaner off of the wallet with a clean cloth.\
  5. Let the wallet air dry completely overnight.

3. Conditioning Your Leather Wallet

  1. Rub the corner of a soft cotton cloth in the leather conditioner.
  2. Work the conditioner into the wallet in small circular motions.
  3. Buff the wallet with a clean, dry cloth until it has a shine.

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