Waterproof shoes: 3 Important reasons why!

Waterproof shoes – it is made by the process of making an object or structure waterproof or water-resistant so that it remains relatively unaffected by water or resisting the ingress of water under specified conditions. Such items may be used in wet environments or underwater to specified depths.

Your water-resistant or water-proof shoes have a membrane or coating which prevents the moisture from reaching the shoe fabric. This is commonly used in sportswear (athletic shoes, snow boots and rain boots). Whether you want to stay on top of taking your dog out for a walk every day or want to train for a big race in the new year, wearing shoes with a waterproof lining will keep your feet warm, dry, and cozy while you do it.

waterproof shoes

3 Reasons why waterproofing shoes are necessary:

1. Keep Your Feet Dry

Of course, the greatest benefit of waterproof runners is that they keep your feet dry.
Unlike traditional running shoes with a lightweight mesh upper, waterproof shoes are made with a lining such as Gore-Tex to prevent water from entering the shoe and soaking your feet. Shoe Mo’s waterproofing offers superior support and grip in the mud, rain, and snow.

2. Stay Blister-Free

We all know how a sore blister can get annoying while you’re trying to stay active. Did you know that your feet can get soft and more susceptible to rubbing and abrasion from running or walking when they are wet? As water seeps into the cracks and crevices of the skin on your feet, you run the risk of developing soggy skin and forming blisters. Prevent these skin problems by protecting your feet with waterproof socks and shoes, so your feet can stay dry and comfortable.

3. Prevent Cold Feet

Under extreme conditions, your feet can get cold if they get wet. The worst-case scenario is hypothermia, which occurs when the temperature of the body drops below the temperature of the environment around you. This can not only lead to a very uncomfortable run or hike; it’s also crucial to take into consideration how important keeping warm is during extreme winter conditions. Wearing waterproof shoes will prevent this altogether, keeping you and your feet warm and dry.

Pros and Cons of waterproofing your Shoes

Running during the a rainy season can often mean slogging through wet, slushy or muddy conditions with a still-doesn’t-feel-like-spring chill in the air. Although you can get a waterproof running shoe made with a Gore-Tex, eVent or some other type of waterproof liner, the waterproof spray technology has improved considerably in recent years, allowing regular shoes to be more waterproofed and breathable at the same time.


  • Feet generally stay warm and dry.
  • Lesser chance for getting cold feet or even frostbite.
  • Removes excuses for not running in bad weather.
  • Allows for uninhibited running, walking or exercise in inclement weather conditions.


  • Feet can get too hot on sunny runs in mild weather.
  • Post waterproofing shoes typically aren’t as flexible as traditional models.
  • Slight increase in weight after waterproofing.

How can Shoe Mo help?

Moisture penetration to footwear can result in staining, wrinkles, stretching that weaken the shoes materials, as well as other aging effects. Shoe Mo can help protect your shoes from ingress, by fitting Shoe Mo waterproofing compound into the seams and overlay linings. With this water damage will not occur.

If you’re looking for a company that can waterproof your shoes, look no further. Shoe Mo’s waterproofing service can protect your shoes from getting damaged or worn out in a shorter time span. Shoe Mo’s waterproofing service is the best option for ensuring that your shoes are completely protected from any weather conditions.

Shoe Mo provides professional shoe cleaning services to businesses, locations and families. We provide on-site service 7 days a week, so your shoes are kept in pristine condition all the time. Book your appointment today on our website or contact us through Whatsapp at +673 7373 123 for any enquiries


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