10 types of hats you must know…. Bonus tips for cleaning hats!

Surprisingly there are over 100 varieties of hats that exist. We will list down a few that are commonly used and popular in style :

Baseball Caps

This type of hats became popular in the 1860s when it was worn by the Brooklyn Excelsiors and has been used ever since.



Snapbacks have changed the game, these structured hats became synonymous with hip hop in the early 90s, and they’ve been a favorite among millennials and Gen Z’ers ever since.



Have you ever wondered how beanies hats got their name? The story goes that in the early 20th century “bean” was slang for “head!” Whether your beanie is cuffed, slouchy, or has a pom pom on the top, these hats are a must for chilly weather.


Aviator/Trapper Hats

If you want a hat that’s tough and rugged, look no further than the trapper! This style was worn by frontiersmen and mountain climbers to protect against harsh winds.

aviator hat


Inspired by a French play named “Fédora.” where a princess of the same name wore a stylish, soft-brimmed hat. She became iconic for this look, and women all over France had to have a fedora of their own!


Trilby Hats

You need a keen eye not to confuse a trilby with a fedora. The main difference isn’t in the look, but in how the hats are worn. Trilby hats have a shorter brim, which is tilted down in the front. Fedoras, on the other hand, have a wider brim and are meant to be worn at a more level angle.

pexels andrea piacquadio 3979185

Newsboys/Flat Caps

It’s hard to imagine, but there was a time before the internet where you had to pick up a newspaper for the latest gossip. Newsboys handed these out on the streets, wearing puffy flat caps or hats with a small visor on the front. Today, these hats are a major part of the fashion world.


Photo credits goes to scotlandshop.com/

Ascot Caps

Ascot caps have a hard, round shape on top. If you’re not a flashy person, these are great hats for you! They come in earthy or muted colors like beige, gray, brown, or black.

ascot cap hat

Boonie Hats

Outdoor hats worn for fishing, hiking, and safaris can be categorized as “boonies.” This style has an adjustable string, which keeps it tightly on your noggin.

boonie hat

Bucket Hats

Invented in Ireland 1900s, bucket hats have grown widely popular. A wide variety of people love these loose-fitting hats, from break dancers to fishers. They’re comfy, quirky, and good way to shield your head from the rain.

bucket hat

Own one of these hats?

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