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Kids Cleaning – Shoes that are for kids ages 10 and below.
Basic Cleaning – Or are known as maintenance clean, where we’ve made the first cleaning, and would suggest this clean every month at least once.
Standard Cleaning – Our usual best seller cleaning service for most of the different type of shoes. This doesn’t cover the insoles.
Deep Cleaning – Standard cleaning + insoles & shoe laces for deep clean!
Unyellowing – We restore your original white using reverse oxidization method, to ensure the originally is still intact. However results varies depending on the shoe condition.
Repaint – Using Angelus paint, we’ll repaint a layer over the existing layers to restore the color of your shoes.
Repel Spray – Protect your shoes against water/stains for up to 14 days! Our products used are safe for most materials, protecting your shoes against those dirty dirts.
Boost Blackout – Painting your mid soles from white to black or vise-verse.

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