How to remove shoe odor: 5 easy tips you can follow today!

Why remove shoe odor?

There are several ways to remove shoe odor. Many people have complained about the bad smell and requested to remove shoe odor. People have been replacing their favorite pair of shoes with new ones just because they’re getting a little stinky.  We are always surrounded by pesky bacteria. These germs can easily hide in various places, including your shoes!

When this happens, the smell of your shoes may become strong. But, did you know that it is possible to keep your shoes fresh and odorless? With Shoe Mo’s tips, you will never have to adapt to that stink again! To get rid of the unpleasant smell of your stinky pair of kicks, you can follow these easy tips.

Remove shoe odor by….wearing the right socks 

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Moisture build-up can be a serious factor in wearing a pair of shoes. Wearing the wrong pair of socks with a damp sole from the previous day’s usage, could maybe cause your feet to itch from sweating due to sweating or blisters that will end up making you annoyed since it produces hot-spots which would only bother you as your feet continue to sweat as you’re walking. Moisture can make winter boots smell bad resulting in a stale shoe odor.

Like most bags of chips, this type of odor can be hard to get rid off even by shaking or airing out your shoes. In the case of shoe odors from moisture from natural sources, light sprays may help eliminate most traces of these scents inside your shoes causing them to stink less. Moisture-wicking materials such as cotton and polyester, will help to draw sweat away from the foot and penetrate it on the outside of socks and/or insoles.

Remove shoe odor by….wearing cotton

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Cotton is considered one of the most common textiles found in running equipment today due to its ability to keep the sweat where it should be – on your skin, not on your socks. Another benefit of cotton is its breathability quality which keeps you cool and sweat-free during your warm demanding runs. Cotton, which breathes really well and looks great under open- toed shoes, can help prevent foot odor by keeping your feet dry throughout the day.

Footwear plays an important role in maintaining the health of our feet. Sweat is vented outwards through different layers, enabling footwear with moisture management features to keep the feet comfortable. For example, PUMA shoes with moisture-wicking lining move sweat away from the body to enable an “air exchange” within the interior, whilst maintaining dryness for a great wearing experience.

Remove shoe odor by….using an anti-stink shoe powder

remove shoe odor

Like most people, if you put on shoes with thick sole padding, covering the feet with thick socks while wearing thick sneakers too seems to make the residual heat accumulate in your foot. Thus, this presents “hot feet” that give you awful sweating problems! Anti-stink shoe powder is one of the simplest ways to keep your feet fresh and dry all day. The powder soaks up all the sweat and gives you fresh smelling shoes all day, or as long as it takes for the powder to kick in. It also absorbs the smell of any food particles that may be on your shoe as well as dirt from outside.

The Silica Contouring Powder is a natural substance found in sand that absorbs moisture to reduce the amount of sweat made by your feet while wearing these special shoes. It’s raw, hot work in summer or winter, especially in sports. Meanwhile the silica powder embedded into shoes when polishing them, gets absorbed onto the surface of your foot. That way it reduces adhesive properties of sweat and forms hydrophobic substances which lower humidity between socks and feet-skin to keep temperature down thereby conditioning it naturally for all-day low temperature sweat control performance.

Remove shoe odor by….storing shoes the correct way to remove shoe odor

remove shoe odor

It is recommended that all brand new shoes should be aired once to remove any odors and improve breathability. Air in consistently so they don’t absorb moisture and mold in the air. Continue the airing process periodically during use to nurse them and maintain their fitness and ease. After the cleaning, place in shoe boxes with compartments. Each shoe should be saved in its original box. Keep in a well-ventilated area.

To achieve the long life of the shoes, they must be put away in an upright position after use, instead of placed on their soles. This may prevent distortion to the sole structure and enhance the service life. 

How ShoeMo can help remove shoe odor

Shoe Mo can keep your shoes fresh and odorless using the best methods and equipment. We at Shoe Mo understand that shoes are an extension of your personality. And because we strive to keep you looking good, we’ve made it our mission to ensure that your kicks never give off stank vibes.

Shoes can be really stinky, especially during the rainy days when they get sweaty, a moisture wicking athletic sock immediately inside the shoe is an excellent way to keep your shoes fresh and odorless. Our new and improved shoe deodorizer and insoles will keep your shoes smelling fresh and feeling good for a longer period of time. The special material we use inhibits bacteria growth, making it feel like you just bought that expensive pair of shoes!

Shoe Mo provides professional shoe cleaning services to businesses, locations and families. We provide on-site service 7 days a week, so your shoes are kept in pristine condition all the time. Book your appointment today on our website or contact us through Whatsapp at +673 7373 123 for any enquiries.

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