Top 5 mind-blowing customized shoes from pinterest!

What are customized shoes?

Customized shoes was popularized decades ago and still is. Nike even tried to discourage people from doing it one long time ago.

Customized shoes

New Jersey artist Kino Hernandez customizes a pair of Vans shoes in his living room. SEBASTIAN HERNANDEZ

But don’t let Nike get in your way! There are several reasons why you would want to customize your shoes:

  • Gives you a unique touch – every customization is different. Getting it customized means you are creating the only one that looks like it.
  • Unleash your creativity – creativity is a great skill to have. Why not express it on your shoes as a way to show your character?
  • Standout from the crowd – Turn heads by showing off your customized shoes. No one wants to be plain nowadays.

There are more than 1 way to customize your shoes and these are several ways to do that:

  • Dyeing – Dye changes the color of the shoe fabric, but it doesn’t cover it up. In other words, it’s a transparent layer of color. This means any blemishes on the shoe still show after dyeing. They may be less noticeable with a dark layer, but they may still be visible.
  • Spray paint – When you spray paint shoes, you’re adding a layer of color on top of the existing shoe. This means you can change the color to anything you want. You can turn a dark shoe a light color, or vice-versa.
  • Lacing – Changing the way you insert your laces into your shoes can give them a quick update with little effort.

Here at ShoeMo bn, we appreciate art. So, here are some customized shoes that we have compiled from Pinterest:

Customized Shoes No #1: Air Max 90 customized using posca markers

Customized shoes can also be made using markers!  A Posca pen allows you to control the application of rich, opaque water-based paint, in fine or broad lines, making it perfect for painting and drawing! The markers are real paint that dries permanent and they are very versatile.

Customized Shoes No #2: Cartoonized Air Force 1

Ever wanted to

Customized Shoes No #3: Custom Air Force 1 Sunset Art Swoosh

Customized Shoes No #4: Cool Nike Customized Sneaker – more complex but satisfying

Customized Shoes No #5: Air Force 1 Spray Painted Pink

Customize your shoes today!

Like what you see? Get your shoe customized at ShoeMo. Tell us your ideas and let us make it happen for you.

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